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Next generation vinyl flooring

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  "The owner of vinyl flooring doesn't need to be as particular about using wooden flooring, or worrying about issues such as too hard tiles or rugged carpets. It can be said that vinyl flooring provides consumers with good quality and cheap Great value for money. "

  One of the benefits of working with a professional interior designer is being able to keep abreast of real industry trends—both popular trends and new products that you would otherwise ignore. For Laura Neuman from Pepper Jack Interior Design, a small town in Loomis, California, vinyl flooring is her main residential floor. She said vinyl flooring is not only good-looking, easy to install, durable and easy to use, and affordable, so it is the best alternative to hardwood flooring in current residential renovation projects. Looking for a floor that looks good and cannot be seen in other homes in the same neighborhood, many customers are increasingly inclined to this smart and avant-garde choice.


  Just like colored concrete flooring and modular carpets, vinyl flooring is the latest commercial flooring product that has been re-developed for residential use. Unlike the artificial floor that emerged last year, the new generation of vinyl flooring is not only high quality, easy to maintain, but also durable. Not only that, through the advanced digital technology to accurately reproduce the natural stone, tile or hardwood floor pattern, vinyl flooring can have a variety of exquisite natural, colorful styles and textures. In addition, the shape of commercially available vinyl floor coverings includes sheets, squares, and strips. It is the best choice for spaces with high traffic and high humidity.

  In one of Sacramento's most popular neighborhoods, Neuman implemented a classic modern house renovation project. She chose imitation wood vinyl floors to transform the main guard and the adjacent walk-in closet. After the renovation, the owner They were so impressed that they felt that they should have made such a practical choice earlier.

  Award-winning designer Laura Neuman is a co-member of the Association of American Interior Designers (ASID). She is the founder of Pepper Jack Interior Design Company in Northern California. Her main services are located in Loomis, Granite Bay, Roseville, Auburn, and Lake Tahoe (both in Northern Canada). Liberia). In addition to her in-depth interior design and construction skills, Laura Neuman also studies art, humanities and history, so she can always provide clients with unique solutions, whether it is a luxury new house or an old house renovation project.

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