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SPC Flooring and Marble Contrast

Edit: Denny 2020-03-02

  At present, there are various ground decoration materials on the market, including tiles, marble, solid wood flooring, composite flooring, and diverse plastic floorings, each material has its different performance. Therefore, many consumers do not know which floor material to choose when decorating. We may as well make a comparison. In the previous articles, we have already compared some ground materials, today we focus on comparing SPC flooring and marble to see what excellent performance they have, so that can help the customers make the right choice!

  First of all, from the perspective of environmental protection, the main component of marble is calcium carbonate. Although its natural materials and textures can bring people the beauty of stone patterns, it inevitably radiate and are gradually eliminated because it is not environmentally friendly, SPC flooring, which uses stone powder and PVC resin as raw materials, they are environmental friendly, non-toxic and non-radiation material, free of formaldehyde, so SPC flooring is high environmental protection and very safe.


  Second, from the perspective of installation convenience, the lock design of SPC flooring makes the floor pavement easy and fast, and it is also very convenient to replace and disassemble, you can do it by yourself. Obviously, marble is not so convenient, it is not only need cement as the base, but also to pave by professionals. Once paved, it can’t be disassembled and reused, only can be removed, maintenance and replacement are also very troublesome.

  Third, from the comfort point of view, SPC flooring has good flexibility and very soft. While the marble is hard and easy to break, the texture is cold and especially in winter. Therefore, the comfort of SPC flooring is incomparable to marble.

  Forth, in terms of anti-skid and wear resistance, SPC flooring surface has transparent wear-resistant layer, which has good anti-skid and wear resistance performance. It is more anti-skid when wet, and can resist the wear of chair foot and table foot. However, the marble surface is glossy and beautiful, slippery and the material is hard, which is easy to hurt people.


  Fifth, from the perspective of waterproof, SPC flooring and marble are super waterproof, and there are no problems such as wood flooring deformation and bulging.

  sixth, in terms of color richness, SPC flooring has a wide range of patterns and colors, including wood grain series, marble grain series and carpet grain series, etc., which can also achieve personalized customization, while the marble color is less optional.

  Eighth, in terms of cost performance, the price per square meter of SPC lock flooring is usually 80-200 RMB, while the price of ordinary marble is more than hundreds yuan per square meter, and the price of high-end marble can reach thousands yuan. So, the price of SPC flooring is in the middle-low level in ground material, while the performance is far higher than the traditional ground materials.

  To sum up, SPC flooring is a cost-effective ground material, you can consider it when decorating!

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