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Edit: Denny 2020-03-07

  KINGUP is a floor manufacturing enterprise integrating SPC flooring, PVC flooring R & D, design, production, sales, installation and technical services. Our company has been adhering to the principle of "quality-oriented, integrity as the key, customer first" and advocating the "pioneer and innovative, diversified and win-win" business philosophy, and persistently providing our customers with high-quality flooring products and professional technical services. Committed to becoming the best manufacturer in the field of SPC flooring at home and abroad.

  SPC flooring has been sold in many countries: USA, Canada, UK, India, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Pakistan, etc.

  We have two factories with nine complete floor production lines that can produce 9,000 square meters of floor per day, from order to delivery can be completed within 15 days, there are rigorous quality inspection before loading containers to ensure the best quality. Our company will also invites domestic and foreign professionals from time to time to provide technical instruction and training for operators and technical workers, and our production equipment will also adjust various parameters or replace parts in time to achieve the best equipment to ensure product quality We attach great importance to product quality, so we comply with ISO90000: 2000 quality management system and ISO141001 environmental management system and have obtained CE certification.


  We can also provide free samples for your evaluation, and before production, we will also send you a production details form for your confirmation. During the production process, each step has its strictly controlled by the quality control team to ensure you are satisfied with the products.

  In order to meet the needs of different consumers, KINGUP also continues to make technological breakthroughs and innovations on the SPC flooring. At present, SPC flooring are mainly used in apartments, hotels, restaurants and other places. In response to the characteristics of these application scenario and customer needs, KINGUP has developed floors with various properties such as "anti-cigarette, anti-scratch, anti-stain" to meet customers usage requirements for different scenarios. In addition to physical performance breakthroughs, KINGUP manufacturers are constantly pursuing innovation in flooring decoration. We have designed SPC products with various textures, patterns and colors, as well as diverse assembling methods, such as herringbone splicing, fishbone splicing, etc. to meet the aesthetic need of different consumers.

  From the perspective of the entire flooring industry, KINGUP manufacturers are committed to providing consumers with more diverse categories and more flooring materials. In commercial space, The research focus of our company in the future will be the ground materials of different categories or some new combinations of different textures in the same category .In the market environment where major brands are competing, the KINGUP manufacturer will always maintain its original intention and responsibility—to provide consumers with high-quality new environmentally friendly products. At present, the KINGUP R & D Center is also dedicated to the research and development of SPC flooring. Not only analyzes the sales big data of SPC flooring from the designs and colors, but also continues to make breakthrough from the perspective of function and performance to design new floor products that will lead the market trend in 2020, and meet the needs of different consumer groups and different areas of use. Therefore, choose KINGUP to make your life more colorful!