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Is SPC Flooring Suitable for Home Decoration

Edit: Denny 2020-03-14

  Home is not only a house, but also a sheltered harbor, it is a place that can bring us warmth. Therefore, people pay attention to the interior decoration of the family, and the choice of the floor materials is also an inevitable problem when decorating. With the gradual maturity of the floor market, the types of floor begin to diversify, and many new floor decoration materials emerged, SPC vinyl flooring is one of them. Many office areas, business areas, hotels, gymnasiums and so on are used of SPC flooring. However, is this kind of floor suitable for laying in the family? Let's talk about it today! 

  When the family chooses the floor materials, it is necessary to choose the appropriate functional floor according to its paving place, and to choose whether the patterns and colors conforms to its own decoration style, and it also need to economical, durable, environmentally friendly and pollution-free.

  SPC flooring, also known as RVP flooring in Europe and America, it is a new type of floor material, mainly made of calcium powder and PVC resin, which is composed of UV layer, wear-resistant layer, printing decoration layer, SPC polymer base material layer and IXPE layer. Its main raw material, PVC resin, is an environment-friendly and non-toxic renewable resource, 100% free of formaldehyde, lead, benzene and no- heavy metals, which is the real zero formaldehyde environmental protection flooring. So, it is very suitable for home pavement.

  SPC floor has strong plasticity, it can press out realistic wood grain texture on the floor surface through the patterned pressing roller. The decoration layer of high-definition printing and plus the texture of the floor surface, SPC lock flooring has extremely lifelike appearance and texture no matter it is imitated wood grain or stone grain or carpet grain, and there are many choices of colors, it can up to hundreds of kinds, and even can be achieve personalized customization. 

  Waterproof and antiskid is another advantage of SPC lock flooring. The material of the floor has no affinity with water and PVC is also often used to make waterproof materials. The waterproof performance of SPC lock flooring is basically equivalent to laying a layer of waterproof material on the ground, which can not only block the moisture in the bottom, but also prevent the water from seeping down, and can inhibit the growth of bacteria effectively. In addition, this material of SPC flooring will more anti-skid when wet. When the ground has just been towed and water remains on the ground, it will be more difficult to slip, which is very suitable for bathroom and kitchen paving.

  Super abrasion resistance. The surface of the SPC flooring has a special transparent abrasion resistance layer through high-tech processed. It is super abrasion and impact resistant, and is not easy deformed. The general service life is 20-30 years. We can do such an experiment: holding a steel ball repeatedly rubbing on the floor, and then observing the surface, we will find that there are no scratches on the floor surface, which shows that it has excellent abrasion resistance, which very suitable for living room.

  The installation and maintenance of SPC flooring is convenient, it does not need cement mortar for installation, and it not afraid of water, oil pollution, dilute acid, alkali and other chemical substances, and easy to clean, it can be cleaned by mop, saving time and labor. 

   Super fireproof performance, the fire rating of SPC floor can reach B1, which is also the highest standard of floor material fireproof. High-quality SPC flooring does not generate suffocating, toxic or harmful gases when passively ignited. So it is very suitable for kitchen laying.

  SPC flooring also has sound absorption function. Its unique mute layer at the bottom can fully play the function of sound absorption and sound insulation. It can isolate 15db-19db noise and can create a quiet learning and rest environment for you.

  SPC lock floor is a major breakthrough in environmental protection, color and design, waterproof and anti-slip. It is a very popular floor decoration material in the world, and it has a very strong competitiveness in home decoration selection. However, it is worth noting that the vinyl flooring has certain requirement on the flatness of the base ground, so you need to pay more attention to it when paving!