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The Most Detailed SPC Flooring Paving Method

Edit: Denny 2020-03-17

In previous articles, we have introduced the paving requirements of SPC flooring, we all know that one of the advantages of SPC flooring is that it is easy installation. When you start to install by yourself, you will find that nowhere start and don’t know how to lay it. Today, KINGUP flooring manufacturer will teach you the most detailed SPC flooring installation method.

First, make sure that the paving ground is flat and free of debris or gravel. The ground is peeling, bulging, or damaged parts need to be repaired.

Formal steps for flooring:

1) Pre-laying: Unpack the flooring before installation and place it according to different textures and see the laying effect.

2) Try to install the first row of flooring from the door side of the room. To prevent natural expansion of the floor, a 4-10mm expansion joint should be reserved between the wall and the floor. With the tongue-in-groove side facing outwards, add a special pad (remove it after paving).

3) Flooring installation method: "Long first then short, first press and then push"; first press the male slot completely into the female groove, and insert the long side of the floor at an angle of 45 degrees from the outside to the inside; then press the short side male slot completely into the female groove, use the same method to insert it obliquely inward. Continue using the above method to install other floors on the first floor ...

4) Note that during the installation, when installing the last block in the first row, you need to measure the rest part of the ground with the floor and the floor needs to be measured in reverse. The treatment of room door frames and other special shape must be careful, you need to marked before cutting.

5) When installing the second row of floors, insert the short-side tenon into the groove in the previous row of floor, and gently insert the long-side tenon into the corresponding floor groove.

6) Use rubber hammer to assist paving when there is a gap.

7) Check the installation situation every four rows to ensure that there is no abnormal installation.

8) After installation, you need to walk back and forth to make sure that the flooring is not loose and no abnormal sound when you stamp on it.

9) After the floor is paved without any abnormalities, remove the special pad reserved for the expansion joints.

The installation tutorial of SPC flooring is introduced here, now, do you learn how to install SPC flooring?