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What is LVT flooring?

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  LVT floor letter meaning, Luxury, luxurious; Vinyl, vinyl; Tile, brick. Luxury Vinyl Tile, literal translation is a high-grade vinyl floor tile, LVT is a stone plastic floor.

  The vinyl floor LVT is an elaborate vinyl covering with a film that manages to recreate the image of any surface, be it wood, stone, marble, mat or linoleum among other options. It is possible to recreate an infinity of surfaces in vinyl floor LVT.

  In this article we will explore what an LVT vinyl floor is, what it is made of and what its main advantages are.

  The vinyl floor LVT is called this way to differentiate it from other categories of vinyl floor for example the vinyl floor in roll. LVT comes from its name in English which is Luxury Vinyl Tile or translated into Spanish Luxury Vinyl Tile. Unlike the vinyl flooring in roll, this product is cut in tiles in the form of rectangular staves or stone-like frames to give an example.

  The vinyl floor LVT is made of

  A layer of vinyl counterweight

  A vinyl substrate

  A printed movie

  A protective layer

  This coating has several advantages here we will be talking about the seven main advantages that are listed below

  Water resistant – LVT vinyl floor has high water resistance. It cannot be installed in wet areas such as bathrooms or outdoors. However, it can be mopped for cleaning without problem. If it becomes water if it is important to remove it so that a fungus does not form.

  Easy Maintenance – The LVT vinyl floor is only swept and mopped for maintenance. It is a very friendly product that does not absorb so it does not stain easily.

  Easy Placement – The only restriction for the installation of a vinyl floor is that the firm is smooth or level. Any imperfection of the sign will be shown on the floor. However, it is a very simple floor to install, it can be easily cut and it can also be attached very easily.

  Recyclable – The LVT vinyl floor can be recycled to create another plastic product. At the end of its use it can be crushed and used to create another product.

  Decorative – There are endless decorative. You can create a visual type wood or marble, for example. You can also create visuals like stone or linoleum. In short, the possibilities are endless.

  Durable and Resistant – The vinyl floor LVT is a durable and resistant floor. It can be used in commercial or residential spaces. It is a floor that well maintained can last forever.

  Low Cost – The cost of the LVT vinyl floor is very economical compared to its counterparts. We can get very real visuals of wood or marble at a fraction of the price.

  Advantages of LVT floor

  Compared with ceramic tiles, they are comparable in terms of color, texture, resolution, and simulation effect, but LVT is lighter, more flexible, warmer, more comfortable on foot, and cheaper, and easier to install. . Compared with hardwood flooring, the visual effect is the same, but LVT performance is much better, easy to maintain, not easy to be scratched and scratched, and the price is low, especially compared with imported high-priced wood.

  Compared with VCT, the upfront cost of VCT is much lower, but the maintenance needs are much higher, and the design is also much worse. Therefore, in the commercial field, the predicament of VCT is mainly caused by the rise of LVT. In the domestic field, LVT's growing market share mainly comes from floor leather, because the simulation effect of LVT cannot be compared with floor leather.

  Compared with laminate flooring, the two have many similarities. They are deliberately imitating natural materials, mainly wood, with similar dimensions and specifications, and can be installed without glue. Laminate flooring is cheaper and more resistant to scratches. However, the core layer of laminate flooring is fiberboard, which is more sensitive to changes in humidity. If the sound insulation treatment is not done, the sound is crisp, but LVT does not have these problems. So LVT has been accepted by the commercial market, and laminate flooring has not yet been established there.

  Continuous development

  In this environment of various good news, experts predict that the growth of LVT will continue until 2018. WPC, SPC will have greater market prospects. It is expected that these two types of flooring will continue to develop actively in the next 2 years.

  Prospect of traditional LVT

  There have been many different views on traditional LVT flooring. Some people worry that WPC and SPC will devour the traditional LVT market, especially for high-end LVT flooring. Market data shows that multi-layer composite flooring is slowly occupying the market share of LVT lock flooring. With the enhancement of technology, practical design and comprehensive performance, multilayer laminate flooring has become an obvious competitor to LVT flooring. Other experts are positive on the overall situation. They believe that the growth of the WPC and SPC sub-categories will only make LVT a more dynamic flooring category, without the consequences of this decline. Consumers and end users will have more options to meet their needs for floor features, applications and budgets.

  In recent years, LVT (luxury vinyl tile, luxury polyethylene flooring) technology has made remarkable progress. It has been selling well in the flooring market and its market share has grown rapidly. And research.

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