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Edit: Denny 2020-03-26

KINGUP is a professional SPC flooring manufacturer in China. Over the years, it has been committed to providing consumers with green and environmentally-friendly, technologically innovative home products and cutting-edge home experiences. In addition to manufacturing, it also carries comprehensive management functions such as product research and development, marketing, service, etc.

Our company has been adhering to the principle of "quality-oriented, integrity as the key, customer first" and advocating the "pioneer and innovative, diversified and win-win" business philosophy, and persistently providing our customers with high-quality flooring products and professional technical services. Committed to becoming the best manufacturer in the field of SPC flooring at home and abroad.


We have been adhering to the tenet of "quality-oriented, integrity oriented, customer first", advocating the business philosophy of "innovation, diversity and win-win", persistently providing our customers with high-quality floor products and professional technical services, and committed to becoming the best floor manufacturer in the field of SPC floor at home and abroad.

KINGUP flooring adopts advanced technology from Belgium and introduces equipment from Germany. With exquisite technology, advanced production equipment, and perfect service concept, and with the use of unique production formula, the flooring has made a qualitative leap in safety, wear resistance and environmental protection. There has been a qualitative leap forward. At present, the flooring products of KINGUP are exported to India, the Philippines, Thailand, South Korea, Greece, the United States, Canada and other international markets and attached rave reviews.

Beginning with quality and success in environmental protection, KINGUP flooring always adheres to the product R&D concept of environmental protection and health to promote the flooring industry to a glorious road of "higher quality, more eco-friendly and healthier". From material selection, R&D, production to sales and service, it implements the whole process quality monitoring and pursues the cost-effective advantage of products, forming a good reputation in the minds of consumers.

In terms of technology, KINGUP manufacturers continue to make breakthroughs and innovations, greatly improving the physical performance of floor products. On the basis of meeting the requirements of consumer market for comfortable and beautiful appearance of floor materials, it achieved maximum functional utility of products. At the same time, we will continue to design and develop new designs and colors of the flooring, improve product technology and quality control, so as to meet changing needs of the home decoration market and more closely meet new market needs. KINHUP has won "Top 30 in China's Integrated Wall Building Materials Industry", and "China's Green Products" and other honors!