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Choosing SPC Flooring Tips

Edit: Denny 2020-03-17

1. Paving problem: The paving method is relatively simple, and many buyers have tutorials. However, non-professionals are really strenuous at the beginning of the pavement. It is easy to make a single piece, but slower individuals can also pave.

2, product quality issues, non-spc products, eBay currently has a lot of LVT claims to be SPC, identification method, SPC is a sheet, can bend, but the amplitude will never roll. spc is with lock.

3. It is also very different whether the same SPC products are made of new materials. The gray, black, and pure white base plates are made of recycled materials. The strength and adhesion of the base plates are not up to standard. The pure new materials are beige.

4. It is better to ask for more samples from a few merchants, and come back to compare them, including the strength of breaking the lock. Some materials are easy to break if they are not closed.

5. If the new house is paved, it must be self-leveling. If the old house is rebuilt, the original flatness is very high.

6. As for the moisture-proof pad problem, if you apply the moisture-proof pad, the foot feel and sound insulation effect will be significantly improved. Personal use of the recommended shop, because of the low cost, brings many benefits. Boda spc lock floor, welcome to pay attention to understand.