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SPC Flooring VS Rubber Flooring

Edit: Denny 2020-04-09

  What is SPC floor?

  It is a new type of light-weight floor material popular in Europe and America, made of nano-molecules, which is environmentally-friendly and does not require glue or roots to solve the problem of formaldehyde. Eliminate the defects of the traditional floor, the bathroom, balcony, kitchen can be paved, everywhere can feel the warm texture brought by the wooden floor from the foot, after tens of thousands of straight bends, capture the moment of efficient rebound The characteristics perfectly restore the comfortable foot feel of the floor, so it is also very suitable for sports as a bedding for sports occasions.


  The composition and production process are different

  In the process of making SPC flooring, finely ground mineral rock is added to the nano polymer resin mixture, so that the friction is self-adhesive, no glue is needed, and the high-temperature hot-melt and hot-press molding truly achieves 0 formaldehyde. Rubber flooring is a floor made of natural rubber, synthetic rubber and other components of polymer materials.

  Different colors

  SPC flooring has many colors to choose from, both natural wood texture and wood texture, from traditional classical to modern fashion, each color is realistic, you can customize the color you need according to your personality, you can arbitrarily combine it, can give designers There are many choices, and the coloration of rubber floors is difficult. Because rubber has strong color absorption, most rubber floors have a single color.

  Differences in market demand and wear resistance

  SPC floor solves the problem that the product easily rots and swells after absorbing moisture in wet and watery environments. It is waterproof and wear-resistant. It can be used in environments where traditional wooden products cannot be used. The cost performance is high, so it is widely used. The market potential is huge. Due to the high price, rubber flooring is only used in some high-end venues, and the scope is relatively narrow.

  Difficulty in installation

  The SPC floor is light in texture and easy and fast to install; the rubber floor is heavy and requires much effort to install. Moreover, SPC floor does not need repair and maintenance, which is easy to clean and save the cost of later repair and maintenance. The installation method of rubber floor is more strict. If the method is not correct, bubbles will appear and the requirements for self-leveling foundation will be more perfect, otherwise it will expand the defects of the base .