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Raw Materials and Process of SPC Flooring

Edit: Denny 2020-03-17

About the manufacturer: If the SPC floor is a regular manufacturer, the quality is basically not too bad. Because the core technology of this floor is slotting in the floor, the production equipment and raw materials are similar. Most of the manufacturers have been established in the last two years or so, and many of them have been transferred to other industries, so everyone is more cautious about their reputation.

Regarding the raw materials: it is only divided into white background and black background. The white substrate is basically made of new raw materials. The black background is made of some new raw materials + secondary materials. The price on black is lower than that on white because of cost. Because they do not know what kind of secondary regrind is used, many customers refuse to use secondary regrind, but because of the low price, many people buy the secondary regrind floor.

About the process: The quality of the SPC floor generally depends on whether the slotted position is good for installation. If the lock is good, the installation is low, and the floor is highly integrated, so it is more assured. There is also a good fit of the wear-resistant layer, because after all, it is two kinds of materials, and they have their own expansion coefficients. These are more private issues.